Declaration by Applicant 申请者宣誓

I declare that all the information provided in this Application Form is complete and correct. I understand that any misrepresentation or omission of information will result in my disqualification from consideration for admission to the Spring International College made on the basis of incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent information.


I declare that the documents (i.e. copies of the Birth Certificate, current Passport, copies of the Education Certificates and Transcripts) which accompany this Application Form are true copies of the original documents which are themselves authentic.


I agree for the College to use my information and photographs in any publicity materials for the College.


I consent to the collection, use and disclosing of personal data by the College for the purpose of processing my application for study, administration and funding purposes (where applicable), subject to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). A copy of the College’s Policy is available on the College’s website at


Terms and Conditions 规则与条例

When you decide to sign up for this course, you should agree to the terms and conditions which bind you and SCI. For your own interest, you should review all the following sections, before signing up for the courses.

  1. SCI has informed me about the duration of the course, including holidays and examination schedules, and contract (only applicable for courses with durations of more than 2 months), and no of hours by days and week.
  2. The total fee payable, including course fee, material fee and application fee.
  3. Dates when respective payment are due.
  4. Information about academic and disciplinary matters.
  5. Information for make-up lessons.

I will inform SCI in advance if I will miss some lessons. After SCI has approved, I can be offered make-up lessons. The make-up lessons will be done in another intake.

  1. The refund policy.
    1. When I have registered for the course for more than 1 month, and SCI still can’t start the class, I can get full refund including registration fee, material fee and course fee if I ask for refund.
    2. Before the course commencement date is confirmed and less than 1 month, I can ask for refund, and the refund is up to 70% of the course fee only, the registration fee and material fee are not refund to me. Once the course commencing date is confirmed, SCI will not refund to me.
    3. Once the course has commenced, SCI will not refund to me.
  2. The transfer/withdraw policy.
    1. For transfer policy, if after a few lessons, I find that the course is not suitable for me, I can transfer to another course. The course fee I paid for the current course can be transferred to another course and I need to make up any fee differences for the current course and respective course. I need to pay $30 before GST for service fee for transfer of the course and also the material fee for the respective course.
    2. For withdrawal policy. I can withdraw from the course and I acknowledge that I cannot get any refund for the course from SCI.
  3. If the course attendance is above 70%, I can have an attendance certificate.
  4. I have read and understood the above items before signing up for this course.
  5. If the student is below the age of 18, his/her parent or guardian should sign on behalf of the student.

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